Monday, 5 March 2012

the world, what an annoying place...

Things that irritate me, slightly:
--whenever I see something in a supermarket, Tesco, Co-op, etc...labelled for purchase at £4.99, honestly, because £5.00 is literally going to burst the banks, honestly, it's just irritating....and funny!
--seeing people writing with bad spelling on facebook, 'I hope your having a great time in Devon'- it's #you're#...
--exams, I'll just write down a conversation I overheard today:
'Omg, Jemimah, I did so badly in the test'
'Awww, what did you get?'
'83%, awful'
'Oh, I got 78%, I was pretty pleased'
--i ht it wen ppl rite in txt tlk! LOL, it lks gr8- nt! its jst anoyin!
--when people put more that 1 exclamation mark on the end of a sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy, comment, thaanks, it means loads:)